How To Prevent Winter Infestations During Winterization

Expert Pest Control Tips On Preventing The Infiltration Of Vermin

Preparing your home for the cold season is a critical and vital step. It helps to reduce energy consumption and prepare your house for the holidays. There are several steps which your winterization should include. These include proper prevention of vermin infestations by sealing your home. Listed below are some of the steps you should take provided by a professional pest control service.

Inspect the interior and exterior

When winterizing your home make sure you check every inch of the interior and exterior for holes. This includes the siding for holes or air gaps. And the interior for any crevices and nooks which can hide insects. If you locate any have the gaps filled with caulking or other means of sealing. This will prevent the vermin from infiltrating your home. Be sure to use materials suggested by a professional pest control contractor.

Check the windows and doors

During the winterization of your home inspect the windows and doors. These should be sealed tight and have proper pest removal screens on them. Observe the interior and exterior for holes or tears. If there are any have them repaired as soon as possible. This will help to avoid the infiltration of insects such as ants. If you windows lack protective screens consider installing such precautions.

Have unused pipes and openings sealed well

Unused pipes and openings are among the common points of infiltration. They are also a common location for vermin to breed and hibernate. To avoid such issues always ask the contractor to seal all unused pipes and openings. Also, contact a professional pest control service to fumigate such locations in advance.

There are several steps on how to prevent winter infestations during winterization. These include inspecting the interior and exterior for gaps which need caulking. Also, check the windows and doors and if needed install protective screens. Also, fumigate and seal all unused pipes and openings. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional pest control service. An example of one such contractor is Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. in Raeford, NC.