Unwanted Insects Which Can Survive The Winter

A Professional Pest Control Contractor Provides Explanation

Winter is a great time of the year. It is a season full of holidays and celebrations when friends and family gather. Yet, it can also be a time when your home becomes the hiding place for unwanted pests. Pests which lay in hibernation awaiting the return of spring. And this can cause serious health problems and damage. Here are some of the unwanted insects which can survive the winter provided by professional pest control service.


One of the insects which can survive the winter is cockroaches. These creatures are known to be quite sturdy and resilient and own several tricks. Among them is their ability to fall into hibernation when there are harsh conditions. Once these conditions disappear the insects awaken and begin to seek food and shelter. This includes your home which can lead to the need to contact an exterminator.


Another species of insect which can cause problems are termites. While these creatures cannot survive the cold they can continue to cause damage. This applies especially if the pests have infiltrated your home and burrowed themselves. To prevent such burrowing include a professional exterminating service in your winterization checklist.


Another unwanted type of insect which can survive the winter are ants. This is due to the depth of their colonies which allows them to endure the bitter cold. Also, like the termites, they can continue to cause damage during the cold season once they infiltrate your home. To prevent such risks and prepare for spring contact a professional pest control.

There are several species of unwanted insects which can survive the winter. These include cockroaches which have the ability to hibernate. Termites which have already infiltrated your home and continue to cause damage. And ants whose underground burrows protect them from the harsh weather. If you would like to learn more in preparation for spring, contact a professional pest control contractor. An example of one such provider is Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. in Raeford, NC.