The Pest Control Company You are Looking for

Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. is an exterminating company in Raeford, NC. We are capable of providing a pest control service to homes and businesses. Our services are often called when homeowners and building managers notice a sign of pest infestation in their properties. There are a lot of great reasons why having your property checked regularly is important. Here are some of those reasons.

Early Detection

Pests could grow in numbers in a span of a few days. Before you know it, your property is already swarmed by these pests. Through regular inspection, these pests will be detected and removed before they are able to multiply. Our inspectors will locate their nests and the places where they hide in. Our exterminator will then remove those pests immediately using advanced pest removal methods.

Fire Hazard Prevention

Rodents would gnaw on anything on your property. By anything, it means including the electrical wires. This would then expose those sensitive wires inside. This is very dangerous because those wires could expose electrical current to water or any hazardous elements which can cause fire to break out. Through our rodent control service, we will be able to remove those rodents before they can destroy your electrical wirings and electrical appliances.

Structural Damage Prevention

Pests like carpenter ants and termites feed on wood. If you don’t remove them, the wood on your property will be compromised. These pests are usually small. Hence, it cannot be seen immediately unless they are able to bore a hole in the wood. To prevent them causing damage to your wood, book our pest control service so they will be detected early on. We have the tools to find them even when they are still hidden. As soon as our professional exterminators find their nests, we will remove them and eradicate them.

A clean and pest-free property is easy to achieve. Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. can provide you a reliable pest control service for your property in Raeford, NC. Call us today at (910) 226-2728.