About us

Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. provides quality pest control services, addressing both residential and commercial properties. We have a solid experience behind us that allows us to perform the finest pest removal service at the most affordable price. When you contact us, our proficient exterminators will will come to your property to conduct an on-site inspection and assign a specific and appropriate treatment. We utilize only the latest industry accepted chemicals, and you can rest assured that no harm will be inflicted to your family or pet.

Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. we aim to satisfy our customers and provide them with a bugfree environment. Our exterminators have many years of experience and will provide you with the best solution for eliminating insects invasion. We will identify potential entry points in your property, possible nesting places and harborage areas. After applying the chemicals, we will remain there to monitor your property until the insects are completely exterminated. We strive to satisfying your needs and will not leave untill your property is not completely bug free. We are confident that you will appriciate our fast and efficient services. Contact Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. and you will understand why we are the most reputable and trustworthy pest conrol and exterminating service company in  Raeford, NC. Call us now at (910) 226-2728 and our experienced service agent will be happy to assist you.