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Welcome to Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co.

Protecting your property from insect invasion is what we, at Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. do the best. We have established our pest control service in Raeford, NC, and for the past 25 years, we have established many successful business relationships with the residents of the community. Our company consists of superbly well trained exterminators, who utilize their knowledge to monitor your property and keep it safe and free from pests. Read more about us or contact us right away if you have noticed signs of pest infestation.

Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. offers the following pest removal service:

Insect control – insects like ants, flees and mosquitoes present serious dangers to humans and household pets. The warm climate of your home creates the perfect conditions for breeding and spread of diseases. Insects invade the homes and spread throughout the house. Older homes are especially vulnerable to infestation and require pest inspection at least once a year. Older structures usually have wool insulation. This material creates ideal conditions for pest nests. Our experienced pest control specialists know where are the ideal places for insects to settle and will perform full pest inspection of your house, and identify both nesting areas and entry points. We will then treat your home with eco-friendly pest control products and eliminate the infestation.

Termite control – The most common reasons for termite invasions are old tree stumps located near to your structure. Proper termite control would not have been possible without eliminating termites’ nests. We are affiliated with several landscaping contractors throughout Raeford, NC. They will be able to remove the fallen trees and tree stumps at an affordable price. Termite control and inspection are vital for homeowners who live in old wooden houses. Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. pest removal service experts will treat the yard and foundation of your home with appropriate products to eradicate the entry points and eliminate the infestation.

Roaches – The roach infestations generally occur in urban areas of Raeford, NC. Commercial property owners and managers particularly appreciate the skills of our pest control experts at. Restaurants and food storage facilities are vulnerable to roach infestation and their owners often require our help to ensure the safety of their products. We provide regular pest control service and keep these structures free from pests. Our experts conduct customary inspections of the property and apply the pest control methods needed to ensure proper extermination.

Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. will find most appropriate pest control service for each facility. We work with both residential and commercial customers, and we are known for our professionalism, promptness and the ability to provide satisfactory results right the first time. Our pest control experts understand that insect infestations need immediate attention and resolution. Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. will decontaminate your structure and monitor it until the issue is fully eliminated. We advise the residents in Raeford, NC to call us at (910) 226-2728 and acquire our efficient pest removal service as soon as they notice any signs of infestation.

We had a problem with termites in our house, Jimmy and John were great! They were friendly and found those termites .

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